Once details of your custom quilt are settled and a final price agreed upon, we request that you pay a 50% deposit of the agreed price at the time of order before any construction is to begin.  This is a non-refundable deposit for the order placed.  Once the quilt is complete the customer will be notified of such and the final payment will be due, plus shipping expenses (unless you live locally).  Payment must be received within thirty (30) days of notification of the completed quilt, or the quilt will become the property of QUILTING MEMORIES.

    Depending on how many details you require and the size of your Photo Memory Quilt, each project can take between 8-14 weeks to complete.  Once full payment been received by QUILTING MEMORIES, and the funds have cleared, the quilt will be despatched to you, via Australia Post.  Throughout the entire process of construction of your Photo Memory Quilt, photos can be sent to you by request.  Please let me know, so that we can start taking photos at the beginning of construction.


    QUILTING MEMORIES accepts PayPal, cash, personal cheques and money orders.  Please make sure dollar amounts are in Australian Dollars.

    As each Photo Memory Quilt created by QUILTING MEMORIES is so unique, pricing will be done individually based on the following criteria:-

    • Number and size of photos to be included in your quilt
    • Difficulty of quilt design chosen
    • Amount of quilting on the quilt
    • Size of the overall quilt chosen
    We also take into account the materials required for each Photo Memory Quilt.  Remember...you are welcome to provide your own fabric (I can let you know how much is required), or we can purchase this for you.  If you prefer us to choose your fabric, then please send me some paint swatches from your local hardware store with the colour scheme you are looking for.

    We also offer machine embroidery, which is available upon request.
    Please contact us at QUILTING MEMORIES to place your order, or if you require more information.  We are always happy to help.

    As all our quilts created by QUILTING MEMORIES are custom made, returns cannot be accepted, unless of course the quilt is defective.


    There are several ways to display your quilt by QUILTING MEMORIES.  One way, of course, is on your bed, if you have chosen a bed quilt.  Another way is to fold them over a wood or wrought iron quilt rack.  Your Photo Memory Quilt will add a great decorating touch to your room and everyone will admire your memories.

    Make sure, however, they are not exposed to direct sunlight.


    A Gift Certificate for a custom made Photo Memory Quilt by QUILTING MEMORIES is the perfect gift.  When the recipient is ready to redeem their Gift Certificate they can contact QUILTING MEMORIES either by telephone or via email.  QUILTING MEMORIES can then supply them with all of their options.

    We can deliver the Gift Certificate in several ways:-

    • Paper version to you in the mail

    • Email version to you

    • Email version directly to the recipient

    • Paper version directly to the recipient in the the mail


    Treating your new quilt with a little tender loving care will keep it looking new for years to come.

    Displaying your Quilt

    Avoid displaying the quilt in direct sunlight to keep colours from fading.

    Cleaning your Quilt

    Treat any stains immediately with small, equal amounts of mild soap and water.
    If washing is necessary, use the delicate/gentle cycle on your washing machine. Wash the quilt by itself using lots of cold water and a mild laundry detergent. Adding ½ cup of white vinegar to the wash water will help keep colours bright. Rinse in cold water. Use the spin cycle to remove excess water.

    Spread out a clean sheet and lay the quilt flat on top of the sheet to dry. Never line dry and do not wring. Never place the quilt in a dryer – always air dry.

    Storing your Quilt

    To store, fold or roll the quilt loosely to prevent creases and wrap in a cotton sheet or pillowcase. Every few months, open up the quilt and let it air for 2-3 hours. Re-fold, changing the position of the creases. It is best to store in dark, dry places. Do not store in plastic, cardboard boxes or trunks.